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Why You Need a Family Law Attorney to Protect The Interest Of Your Family

Family Law matters such as divorce, child custody, and wills can be complicated. You need an advocate to fight for your rights and push for the most favorable outcome for you and your family. A family law attorney will protect your rights and be your ally as you journey through the legal process. You can trust T.J. Norton, III, to use experience and integrity to protect you and everything you are entitled to. Having a lawyer that you trust to fight for you and your family is the key to success and obtaining an outcome with the best interest of you and your children in mind. At Norton Law Firm, LLC, we are dedicated to providing you with affordable, professional, trustworthy representation and being your go-to family law attorney in Sevierville, TN.

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Divorce is rarely easy. Don't go through it alone. Let an experienced divorce attorney guide you through the process.


Custody battles can be hard to navigate. Your relationship with your child is important - Don't go it alone.

Child Support

Trusting an experienced family law & child support attorney is crucial in determining child support. It should be fair for you and your dependents.


Adoptions are joyous occasions that can be stressful. Let us help relieve the stress so you can enjoy the process.

Divorce - Agreed & Contested

Divorce involves more than the conclusion of a romantic relationship. Contested and Agreed representation will be provided to you with integrity. The divorce process can be smooth when you have the right divorce attorney. Norton Law Firm, LLC, is committed to helping you walk smoothly through the division of assets, designing a permanent parenting plan that portrays the best interest of your family, and acquiring support when needed. Let us advocate for you and your children.

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Child Custody

When a relationship between adults does not work out, it does not have to hurt the children. Norton Law Firm, LLC, will help you develop a permanent parenting plan that has your child(s) best interest as the driving force. The Tennessee Permanent Parenting Plan has many involved parts that can be difficult to navigate, that is why you should have a professional who understands the system, so that your child is ensured the legal protection he or she deserves. Make sure your family is taken care of and hire a family law attorney today!

Child Support

Providing for your child is the responsibility of both parents. Child support in the state of Tennessee is based on need and ability. Let our firm get your dependents the financial support they deserve.

Child Support Agreement
Family with adopted children


Being a parent is not only a biological requirement. Love is a driving force in providing for and taking care of a child. Whether your adoption is agreed or contested, let our firm help you through the involved legal process to adopt a child.

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